2015 Chevy Camaro zl1

Friday, February 7th 2014. | Chevrolet

At 580 hp as well as a beginning price of $55, 000, typically the Chevy Camaro ZL1 ranks because the prime dog from the Camaro lineup (a minimum of till the Z/28 hits typically the monitor.) For Camaro enthusiasts such as John Hooper, writer of six publications on typically the history of Camaros, it is a dream car — at least was a dream car, till an employee with a Chevy dealership totaled his ZL1 on an unauthorized joyride. Nearly a month later, Hooper and also the dealership have yet to agree on how a lot in which explicit prime dog was worth.
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Something regarding Camaros feels to provide out typically the dark aspect from the dealer service department ; remember typically the person who hid a voice recorder within the door pocket of his Camaro SS and caught mechanics performing burn-outs. According to Hooper’s posts on typically the Camaro5 discussion board, he had taken his 2012 Camaro ZL1 to First State Chevy in Georgetown, Del., for warranty operate on a paint issue. On Dec. 15, a Sunday, possibly one of the dealer’s staff took typically the tips due to closed dealership and went for any spin — in which over as soon as the ZL1 sheared off a phone pole

There are flaws, sure. For drive-in lovers the big Camaro’s tight back seat is not much of an option, and rear visibility is compromised by the car’s high window sills and big corner pillars. And the hand brake is on the passenger side of the center console. Huh? But even Arnold Schwarzenegger had gapped front teeth.

Competition lifts all boats — er, horses — and the Camaro-Mustang rivalry has delivered a class of muscle car almost unrecognizable 40 years ago. My $61,140 ZL1 came with accessories like leather Recaro sports seats, a grippy suede steering wheel, smoldering ring-white LED lights, and huge Brembo brakes hiding behind wide, 20-inch wheels front and rear.
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Mustang will counter this weapons assault with a more fuel-efficient, 2.3-liter turbo engine in its entry-level 2015 pony to go with its more European face. That attention to the muscle car’s base customer looking for affordability — not just brawn —in their sports sedan should pay dividends with both women and foreign buyers (where ya’ gotta’ rob banks to afford gas). Will Camaro counter when it redesigns its icon? Will it reveal its own small-block turbo? Will it soften its menacing front cowl?

For now, the new Mustang has had to adapt to the Camaro, which, as the ZL1 proves, sets the standard for American muscle.

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